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Podcast Collaborations

The History of Alchemy and The Secret Cabinet are members of Dark Myths Podcasts
Podcastnik is a proud member of the Agora Podcast Network
And of the History Podcasters Network where many other history podcasters all get together and contribute to collage shows, interviews, etc.
HISTORY PODCASTS, a group of history podcasters and listeners.
AskHistorians Podcast produced by the fine folks at the Ask Historians Subreddit (reddit.com) where you can ask over 300 experts and historians anything about history you ever wanted to know.
Guest show on Wittenberg to Westphalia Podcast
Guest Show for Das Geheime Kabinett (The English version is always me)
Interviews for the
History in 5 Minutes Podcast:
We’ve been on the Easter Border, talking about my experience during the fall of the Berlin Wall, History of England, SneakPod, the Agora feed on Agorapodcastnetwork.com darkmyths.org and others.

(4) Comments
  • Kevin Norman says:

    History of Germany on iTunes episode 21 is just the raw recording which became episode 22. The interview with derBuddler is missing. Can you please repair this?

  • Michael Frings says:

    Hallo Travis,
    gibt es schon Termine für Deinen Deutschlandbesuch, insbesondere für Essen.
    Ich wohne in Bochum, ein paar Kilometer von Essen entfernt, und waere gerne bei Deiner Lifeshow dabei.
    Bis (hoffentlich) demnächst und “have a nice day”!

    • travis@podcastnik.com says:

      Ich glaube es wird nur Nürnberg diesmal, und das im Ende Oktober oder Anfang November. Aber alles kann sich noch ändern, ich sag dann bescheid wenn ich festeres plane.

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