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Bohemican Podcast

A podcast on the history of the Czech Republic. Co-hosted with Pete Collman
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Wittenberg to Westphalia Podcast: Jan Hus
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Podcast Collaborations


History Podcasters Network where many other history podcasters all get together and contribute to collage shows, interviews, etc.
HISTORY PODCASTS, a group of history podcasters and listeners.
AskHistorians Podcast produced by the fine folks at the Ask Historians Subreddit (reddit.com) where you can ask over 300 experts and historians anything about history you ever wanted to know.
Guest show on Wittenberg to Westphalia Podcast 
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History in 5 Minutes Podcast:

The History of Germany Podcast in Englisch and in German

germanlogowideA podcast on the history of Germanic language speaking areas.

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Ox History Blog post reviews on Hist of Alchemy and Hist of Germany
Twitter: @germanypodcast

deutschenlogowideDEEin Podcast auf Deutsch über die Geschichte Germanisch sprechende Regionen.