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Hosted by Kimberly Written by Travis Dow

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  • 003 Higher States June 29, 2016
    Many ways, some say, lead here. That place of insight and peace. Some don't believe in a place like this. But many have been here. Let us ease the pain for this chapter of our journey.
    Kimberly & Travis J. Dow
  • 002 No Control June 29, 2016
    We are all alone, and relatively powerless. Sometimes that paralyses us with fear. How do we even know what's real? People deal with this in different ways. Join us for chapter 2 of the journey. The one about losing hope.
    Kimberly & Travis J. Dow
  • 001 Pain June 29, 2016
    Why isn't life perfect? Join Kimberly from podcastnik.com on the first chapter of this guided tour through the history of beliefs.
    Kimberly & Travis J. Dow