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  • Epsidode36: The Monster of London January 26, 2018
    A monster is on the prowl in the British imperial capital. A monster with a knife, who is on the lookout for young women. To be more exact: the monster is looking for their backsides.Support our show, and see what else is going on at podcastnik.com
    Der Buddler
  • Episode35: The Pharao's Staff April 13, 2017
    Again a limb goes missing. This time: an important bit of pharao Tutankhamun. Spoiler: it was never actually gone. podcastnik.com
    Der Buddler
  • Episode34: Bodily Abnormalities in Antiquity April 6, 2017
    What deviates from the norm does not always have it easy, especially regarding appearance. In antiquity that could be an advantage in certain cases, particularly in regards to certain body parts. http://podcastnik.com
    Der Buddler
  • Episode33: Bottomless - of Popes, Eunuchs, and Castrati March 30, 2017
    What's with the strange chair with a whole in the seat in the Vatican? Does it have anything to do with the supposed Popess Joan? Or did the chair have an entirely different purpose? http://podcastnik.com
    Der Buddler
  • Episode32: Hot Air in the Moulin Rouge - Joseph Pujol, le Pétomane March 23, 2017
    The talk of Paris was Moulin Rouge's shows of “le Pétomane”, Joseph Pujol, end of the 19th century. He brought crowds to a laughing uproar with his special talent.
    Der Buddler
  • Episode31: Ota Benga - People in the Zoo March 16, 2017
    The sad and strange tale of Ota Benga, a Congolese pygmy who was kept in the Bronx Zoo Monkey House in the early 20th century. This one was a guest episode written by Travis Dow (the usual host). Travis' other shows can be found at http://podcastnik.com
    Der Buddler
  • Episode30: Toot Toot - Pharao's Mysterious Trumpets March 9, 2017
    In 1939 Rex Keating of the BBC had the idea to have the trumpet of Tutankhamun -- which was silent for 3 millennia -- to once again be heard. And set off an ancient Egyptian curse (or something like that...)
    Der Buddler
  • Episode29: Roman Urine Washers and also Alchemists March 2, 2017
    Romans didn't just wash their hands in innocence, but also their clothes in urine. How urine fits into the Roman fullon's job description, cloth dyers, and other uses in the Modern Period.
    Der Buddler
  • Episode28: A History of Book Thieves February 23, 2017
    Book stealing is going around. Not only today are losses at the Leipzig Book Fair a problem. Already to GDR times -- but not a loss to to the publishers, but to the Stasi.
    Der Buddler
  • Episode27: XXX -- A Short History of Pornographic Film February 17, 2017
    Pornographic film is about as old as cameras, and as soon as people started aiming them at each other. And it says a lot of the societies of the respective eras. http://podcastnik.com Created by Der Buddler, translated by Travis Dow
    Der Buddler
  • Episode26: What's that Smell? A Short History of Stink February 9, 2017
    Today: smelly or stinking church-goers, medieval garbage disposal, public waste carriers, and the perfect stink bomb.
    Der Buddler
  • Episode25: Secret Cabinet on Tour: JRR Tolkien CS Lewis in Oxford January 5, 2017
    The Secret Cabinet goes ---under risk of life and sanity--- into deepest Albion, to get to know to of the most creative authors, Tolkien & Lewis.
    Der Buddler

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